How to share video file link with us

If you need assistance with how to share the video submission with us here are a few of the simplest methods.

Mobile and Google Drive:

From a smartphone where you have filmed the entire thing on the phone. Ensure you have the Google Drive app installed (android, iPhone & iPad)

  1. Film 20 minutes of conducting
  2. Upload file to Google drive from within the app (instructions for android, iPhone & iPad)
  3. Copy Link to the file to share (slightly different for android and iphone)
    1. Android – locate the file in the drive app tap the 3 dot icon, then Select “Copy Link”
      Android Copy Link menu button image Android Copy Link button image
    2. iPhone & iPad – locate the file in the drive app tap the 3 dot icon, then select “Get Link”
      iPhone Get Link menu button image iPhone Get Link button image
  4. Paste link either directly into our form or send to yourself in an email to input into our form.

Camera, Computer and WeTransfer:

If you are filming on a camera or camcorder this will be the easiest way to get the file to us.

  1. Copy files from the camera to your computer (either transfer from SD card or plug camera directly into computer)
  2. Go to and click “Add your Files”
  3. In “Email to” enter: make sure to put your name in the Message as a reference to your application
  4. Click Transfer (in the video file link field for the application form just say “emailed link”)