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Education Outreach by Yamaha

In January 2016 Yamaha Music Australia announced the appointment of Dr. Rob McWilliams** as Education Outreach Clinician. Since Dr McWilliams’ appointment, he has visited hundreds of schools and worked with thousands of music teachers and aspiring students.

A highly respected conductor and musician, Dr. McWilliams has worked closely with secondary institutions, tertiary institutions and professional development providers like ABODA, ASME and government education departments. His work in the education community on behalf of Yamaha has significantly contributed to increasing quality and participation in music education around Australia.

After leading workshops at the University of Melbourne in 2017, Sue Arney — Lecturer in Teacher Education — commends the work of Dr. McWilliams and Yamaha. “The opportunity to work with a music educator of Dr McWilliams’ calibre is invaluable. His depth of knowledge, expertise and experience in both the training of conductors and the leadership of school, tertiary and community based ensembles is outstanding".

Dr. McWilliams is available to help teachers and ensemble directors at all levels of experience work with their instrumental ensembles (band, orchestra, jazz, etc.) by delivering Professional Development sessions, helping with recruitment or retention strategies, new program setup, advocating with administrations, preparation for festivals or competitions, or any other area that serves to support music educators and instrumental music in schools and the community.

Teachers and instrumental directors are encouraged to contact Dr. McWilliams to discuss opportunities for development in their programs and ensembles.

**Dr. McWilliams’ career includes 23 years working in the United States as a musician and educator, encompassing a broad range of styles from symphonic to jazz. His most recent appointment was Director of Bands and Head of Department at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. While in the USA, he completed Masters and Doctorate degrees in Instrumental Music Education and Conducting. His charter with Yamaha Music Australia is to be at the front line, in schools and the community, helping ensemble directors and students reach their full potential.

Dr. Rob McWilliams

Dr. Rob McWilliams

Education Outreach Clinician - Yamaha Music Australia

Education Outreach Possibilities & Topics

Available for professional development, in-service, pre-service, in all instrumental areas (concert band, orchestra, jazz, etc)

Presentation Forums

  • Recruitment, Retention, Advocacy
  • Repertoire Selection & Programming
  • Score Study & Rehearsal Preparation
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Conducting Gesture & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Aural skills, Intonation Training
  • Improvisation
  • Resources - print, A/V, online, etc

Ensemble Workshops & Guest Conducting

Teacher Observation, Feedback, and Follow-Up


Working with institutional administrations, program set up and review

Dr. Rob McWilliams conducting at an ABODA workshop in Geelong, VIC.

Dr. Rob McWilliams conducting at an ABODA workshop in Geelong, VIC.