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Line 6 live sound solutions for education

High-quality audio is essential to delivering inspiring music programs, and attaining it typically requires two things: a great sound system and audio expertise. However, it’s not always as simple as that. First, the cost of a good system for one or more classroom applications often causes budgetary challenges. And second, even if a large investment has been made, that alone doesn’t guarantee teachers will have the skills to utilise a great sound system effectively.

When designing a completely new kind of sound system ideal for schools Line 6 resolved to address these key problems. StageScape M20d is the first smart mixing system for live sound, making it simple to consistently get great mixes regardless of user expertise. Combined with the Line 6 StageSource smart speaker systems, this is the world’s first intelligent live sound environment.

Anyone can use it

Even many experienced musicians only understand the very basics of sound systems, which is why we have sound engineers. Engineers understand the component equipment and associated controls, as well as how to use everything in tandem to achieve professional results. However, the reality is that most schools don’t have the budget to hire a trained engineer on a regular basis, so equipment often lands in the hands of less experienced students. And even if a school does have somebody with the right skills, their availability cannot always be guaranteed. StageScape and StageSource provide a solution to these problems. Combined, they form an intelligent live sound system that automatically self-configures and routes signals, so that teachers and their students can concentrate on what’s most important: the lesson.

Line 6 StageScape

Visual mixing

StageScape is the world’s first smart mixing system for live sound. Utilising a groundbreaking, visual mixing environment, StageScape replaces the old-fashioned sea of knobs and switches found on traditional mixers with the simplicity of an intuitive colour touchscreen. And instead of techy parameter settings, the touchscreen displays icons that represent each performer or instrument. That’s why we called our mixer StageScape - the landscape of the stage is right there on the mixer’s colour touchscreen. It’s intelligent too. For example, if you plug in a microphone StageScape will sense it and then display a graphic of a mic on the virtual stage.

Because StageScape literally puts the stage at your fingertips, you no longer have to remember which generic channel strip is which. Want to adjust the way a guitar sounds? Simply touch its on-screen guitar graphic and you have instant access to all the associated parameters.

Six Key Features

1. No more feedback

There’s simply nothing that can ruin a great lesson or school production more quickly and obtrusively than feedback. Feedback suppression built into the mixer and the speakers ensures a feedback-free sound environment, that inspires confidence while delivering professional results. No special training required.

2. Use iPad devices for flexible remote mixing

Another great StageScape feature is the ability to control all mixer functions remotely via one or more iPad devices.

3. Connections made simple

There’s a lot of intelligence built into individual StageScape and StageSource products that make it easier for just about anyone to use them. However, connect them together via Line 6’s proprietary L6 LINK digital networking technology and they form an intelligent live sound environment that’s greater than the sum of its parts. With L6 LINK there’s never been an easier and more flexible way to get high-quality sound for all the forms your lessons take.

4. Flexibility and convenience

Line 6’s live sound systems give the user unprecedented flexibility and convenience that makes life easier while expanding the classroom. StageSource loudspeakers and subwoofers also have amplification built in. That means that there’s no additional equipment, cables or settings to worry about. Just connect one cable to each cabinet and you’re good to go.

5. StageSource smart speakers

State-of-the-art on-board technology instantly optimises each cabinet for a specific use at the touch of its Smart Speaker Mode switch: Reference/P.A., Playback, Floor Monitor, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar.

6. Professional Quality

While we’ve designed our live sound products to be used by people with little to no experience, both the sound quality and deep feature sets are totally pro.

The build quality of both StageScape and StageSource ensures they are rugged and durable.

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